Presence. Confidence. Impact

We lead individuals and organizations towards effective, authentic and confident self-expression, using embodied learning, integrating tools from Actors training, Improvisation and Laban Movement Analysis.


How does it work?

This unique method works by focusing on our “user settings”, that influence our most basic behavioral patterns and habits. When we create change in the "user settings" – new behaviors become possible and natural.
Learning is based on embodied actions, not on theoretical understanding.

What’s the beauty of working with the body?

As it turns out, our body can learn much faster than our mind. Working with the Laban Method allows us to reach significant achievements in a relatively short time.

Who is it for?

Executives, lecturers or entrepreneurs who want to feel great about themselves when engaging with an audience or in social situations (such as small talk, staff meetings, job interview etc.).

Sharon Gidron


Founder, Authentic Communication and Public Speaking Trainer, specializes in Stage-Fright.

CMA Laban Movement Analysis, Theater Artist. Academic education includes MBA (Tel-aviv University), B.Sc Mathematics (Hebrew University). My personal path also includes Tantric-Therapy studies (M.A.A.R.A.G, Israel) and Somatic Experience studies.  

My main field of interest is human behavior. I believe we are at our best when we're comfortable in our own skin, at ease with our body. I'm enthusiastic about this kind of work because it not only leads to professional success, but brings a new sense of personal freedom and happiness.

Hillel Cappon

Partner & Director, Authentic Communication and Public Speaking Trainer

Lead Actor in Gesher Theatre group (Tel-Aviv, Israel), Graduate of the Yoram Lewinstein Acting Studio. 

I love to reveal new and hidden qualities in people. I believe every person has his own 'deck of cards' to play with – when we're aware of our unique "cards" and play them with no fear – we're at our best.

Workshops, trainings and 1-on-1 sessions

Online trainings for Public-Speaking, Authenticity & Storytelling 

In our interactive ZOOM trainings, you'll get familiar with tools that make public-speaking an authentic and lively experience. 

Main topics: 

  • The truth about what happens between you and your audience when giving a pitch

  • Dealing with stage-fright, tools for upgraded confidence & charisma 

  • Storytelling – turning words into emotions

  • Working with voice and speech (prosodia), rhythm as a rhetoric tool 

  • "The actions behind the words" (or: how to actually influence your audience)

  • BodyTelling (the psychology of movement): How to tell a story in 3D

1-on-1 sessions 

Prepping for a Talk / Pitch / Presentation

Whether it's an investors' pitch or a company townhall presentation – we will aim to create harmony and synergy between your content and the way you present it to your audience. The work will enable you to convey your message in the most effective and influencing way possible. 

Among our clients: directors, lecturers and entrepreneurs. 

Dealing with stage-fright

We will get to know the “user settings” fixated in your body, in order to enable new behavior patterns that would serve you better in real-time in front of an audience.
You will learn how to control anxiety by collaborating with your body.

The unique exercises actively engage your whole system (mind-body-emotions-focus) in an organic process that impacts daily life in multiple ways.

The Lab: in-depth group processes

The lab creates space for playing with interpersonal communication.
In the-lab we explore, engage and learn through actions and reactions.
We listen, pay attention, dare to try and fail.
this is a unique platform for broadening the range of behavior and confidence.
Each participant experiences and learns from their own perspective, and each gains mutual support, inspiration, and encouragement in their personal change process.